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Naturopathic medicine provides effective approches through an integration of cutting edge modern research and the wisdom of ancient healing arts.

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Integrative, personalized, and evidence based health-care.

Navigating a World of Toxic Exposures

Northampton Naturopathic is proud to serve Western Massachusetts and provide safe and effective naturopathic medicine.

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Now offering monthly rates for far infrared sauna and hydrotherapy, so you can lose weight by getting rid of toxins!

December Detox Programs

Proven detox protocols to lose weight and feel great before the holidays!

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At Northampton Naturopathic Associates, we strive to achieve an unprecedented level of attention, detail and care to the unique needs of our patients

We offer third party independently researched and clinical trial based Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements for you and your family.

Our selection of supplements and organic skin care products, sold exclusively at Northampton Naturopathic surpasses those at any health food store or online vitamin store. You will not find the quality and variety of our items anywhere else! Most of our supplements are only available to health care professionals. For clients, we have a lowest price guarantee!

we offer the most competetive pricing and availability of thousands of supplements and herbs, both in stock and availbale to order and drop ship to your home! Call us now to find out how natural health products can help you achieve optimal health! Click Below to Book your appointment right now.

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Located in the offices of New England Integrative Health Care, Dr. Deszynski is a member of a team of practitioners dedicated to outstanding care, who focus on empowering patients to take control over their pursuit of good health through proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, excercise, maintaining relationships, and embracing simple pleasures of life.

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